An extreme closeup of a scabiosa flower, with just a few of the anthers in focus:


Looks a bit like an astronomic nebula. Another example of getting close and melting the context, leaving  just a few meaningful details.

11 thoughts on “Scabiosa

  1. It does have an effect of falling into the sea, maybe that’s the only
    logic my brain heads for in that I know the possible depth of water
    and that things, crests/peaks rise from water’s surface. Or if it’s like
    thickened air with elfen pollens darting past as one plows through.
    The color’s beautiful. Quite a voyage in any and all events. The bee’s
    view, the hummingbird’s, the insect’s.

  2. Besides its intrinsic beauty, what I see in it, is also a pattern for a little girl’s chiffon dress. ( and I do NOT mean as precociously sexy objects!!) – I knew a lady artist who designed repetitive patterns that she sold to fashion houses. I always though that was a magic job.

  3. Nice Tom. Soft, ethereal images like this are harder to pull off than one may think at first glance. It takes just that right combination of elements and composition, which you did nicely with here.

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