Scabiosa anther

Another closeup of a scabiosa flower; there are a few still flowering in the naturalized patch of them I visit:



The colors were wonderful to view. From a standing height, they just look pink. As you get close, the other colors emerge. Not all flowers have the anthers – they may have male and female forms.

14 thoughts on “Scabiosa anther

  1. That feeling of outer space again, or things hurtling without
    anchor. Though the background on the right is very pleasing too,
    it makes an addition, a combination of things, that earth is space,
    contains outer space.
    Stunning colors and you give us a marvelous range.

    • The feeling of being “in a space” was one of the things I was after. I was thinking of a forest, but it would have to be an alien one. The colors were what drew me in.

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