Twelve from 2013

What was 2013 like? I got out to California twice and explored the coastal hills, the beautiful grasses and oak trees, and to western Massachusetts to visit some beautiful scenery. It wasn’t a good year for butterflies – a famously bad one for monarch butterflies. I had good encounters with other bugs, but only one insect photo made this year’s list. And I continued exploring the inner spaces of plants, flowers, and ice crystals.

Snowflakes – Snowflakes on the side of a branch with an out-of-ficus snow setting.

Pasture oak in fog – An oak tree on a very foggy day, Sonoma County, California.

Rosegold willow anther – An extreme closeup of a very pretty willow catkin. As the anthers emerge, they are red first then turn yellow as the pollen erupts.

Dandelion – An extreme closeup from the flower center.

Dogbane beetle – I posted a different take of this beetle here in June; I may like this head on view better than the posted one.

Daisies – A field of daisies in July.

Upper Falls, Waconah Creek –  From a summer trip to the Berkshires. Waconah Creek is in Dalton, Massachusetts. The other memorable waterfall on that trip was Bash Bish Falls.

Live Oak – Another view of an oak I originally posted as a vertical with a grass foreground.

Sassafras leaves – A leafscape of an unusual leaf in peak color.

New England Aster – Dew and backlight what drew me to this bloom.

Scabiosa abstract – A flower abstract that attempts a transformation of the pincushion flower into something unfamiliar.

Foxtail crystals – I’m sorry I could only pick one – there were several other good ones this frost season.

Happy New Year to all! Thanks to everyone who visits and especially people to take the time to leave a comment.


22 thoughts on “Twelve from 2013

  1. A really great set for this year Tom. The ice crystals are particularly stunning, not meant to discredit any of the others. The intertwined leaves also stands out to me as I really like that composition.

  2. Happy New Year, Tom! Such a stunning collection!!! You must be very pleased. Thanks for sharing your art and love of nature. Looking forward to what you come up with in 2014.

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