Stream ice

The most interesting ice I’ve seen recently has been patterns in frozen streams. A few examples…

I’m fond of the subtle geometric patterns in the last one, they make me think of abstract paintings. The crystal stars on black ice are another favorite type, though I’d prefer one less complex than this formation.

11 thoughts on “Stream ice

  1. The abstract qualities of macros as a genre really appeal to me and your ice images take this one step further. Yes, abstract paintings do come to mind. My favorites are the first for its bold graphic design and the last image that you’re fond of. The formations in that one are pictorially perfect the way there is a detailed area and then larger subordinate designs with less detail. All in all, wonderful images …so glad you braved the cold weather to get these!

  2. It’s great that you have found these cool designs, Tom. It seems every time I have some time for photography the weather has not cooperated with anything below freezing lately. Very nice abstracts.

  3. That last image caught my fancy, too.

    You wrote that “the subtle geometric patterns in the last one… make me think of abstract paintings.” If I can editorialize, I’ll say that nature does a better job than many of the people whose works are displayed in modern-art museums.

  4. Lovely patterns – isn’t nature a perfect artist?
    It is not easy to spot these patterns and shapes though and you captured some very nice ones. The first one, “Lines and bubble” is my favourite, good eye and very pleasing processing.

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