Lone Tree Hill

A pasture tree from a local conservation area:


I was visiting a local meadow, and saw on the trail map for the site that there was another open space across the street called Lone Tree Hill. I doubted the “lone tree” part – woods and woody hilltop in my area are usually pretty dense and overgrown. As it turned out, the woods thinned out to a mowed pasture at the top of the hill with a number of isolated pasture trees. Not a lone tree, but I was able to isolate one with feathery clouds in the sky. Some day I’ll go back for a more colorful sky…

12 thoughts on “Lone Tree Hill

    • It was so cool finding this place near a spot I’ve been going to for years. This is a rare wide angle (27mm) image from me, I’m pretty much a telephoto guy. Thanks, Steve!

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