Bubbles and a star

The recent cold snap here produced many pretty crystalline formations – spikes and stars have been the most common, single stars or dense carpets of spikes or stars. Here’s an isolated star on a varied stream ice background:


When the weather is consistently in single digits F, I’m hopeful that I’ll see the beautiful leaf or fern-like crystal growths I’ve found in the past near streams. Not this time! Just goes to show you how unpredictable ice crystals are. Consistently cold nights (4-8 degF) and clear skies aren’t enough, there must be other factors.

2 thoughts on “Bubbles and a star

  1. Nice. I wonder if wind has anything to do with it, Tom. We have had a lot of breezy nights lately and, seeing that my windshield is never frosty following a breezy night, I wonder if that impedes the formation of the crystals. The single digits certainly have been plentiful. I haven’t checked the humidity levels but maybe it’s a bit dry too.

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