Going to seed

There are nature subjects that I go back to, again and again. Dandelions are one of these, the flowers, the petals, groups of flowers, and the transformation into the elegant and rhythmic clusters of seeds. The seed clusters go through their own transformations of rearrangement and dispersal.

This set tells a visual story around the seeds and what happens to them.

The seed in the last image looks like it’s in flight, but it’s actually still  tethered (conveniently for me) by a few strands to the cluster. It was blowing around a bit, but it came back to positions like this one.

More images from Costa Rica to come…



8 thoughts on “Going to seed

  1. Magnificent close-ups of a forgotten denizen of the fields and disliked invader of gardens … people so underrate many simple natural wonders.

  2. Magnificent captures of these dandelions ! They are very annoying for the gardener but a real delight for the photographer 🙂

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