Black and white abstracts

In a photograph, you can transform the familiar into another thing entirely. Converting them to black and white completes the transformation of a natural pattern into a design.

I’ve posted a number of these before, but I thought they’d make an interesting collection together:

  • Geometrical ice abstract – Stream ice that made a pattern of crossing lines and triangles.
  • Drop zigzag – Drops on a spiderweb at an inclined angle and high magnification
  • Leaf mosaic – Dark and light patterns on a fall leaf
  • Mullein stars – A common leafy plant with fuzzy leaves; the fuzz resolves to stars at high magnification
  • Floss – Flowing strands of milkweed floss
  • Aster pattern – The out-of-focus strands of an aster seed head, a small dandelion-like flower
  • Ice cells – A pattern in melting ice

6 thoughts on “Black and white abstracts

      • I can understand that and am drawn to those things as well. If I lived in a region as cold as yours is at this time of year, I’d be playing with ice patterns too. I remember being fascinated by frost designs on windowpanes when I was a kid in New York. If you have to endure the cold, at least you can profit from it artistically.

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