Crystals and a leaf

Frost crystals that formed under a leaf on frozen stream:


Taken on a really cold (0 degrees F) morning. The fern-like crystals on the right side of the leaf only form when it gets very cold, down in the single digits. I’ve seen crystals around a leaf like this, but the holes in the leaf and the profusion of crystals give this an unusual look.


21 thoughts on “Crystals and a leaf

  1. It is very interesting to think that this leaf has collected enough moisture to become crystals. Because it is organic material It has ‘given up the ghost’ – and we can see it.
    Great photo as usual.

    • Thanks, Vera. Crystal formation at low temperatures is mysterious. Somehow there’s enough water vapor in the air for the crystals to form beneath the leaf. Pretty feathery ones like these only form at certain low temperatures. These don’t form at 20F, for example.

  2. It does take some pretty cold temperatures for these to form to such profusion, Tom. Nice capture. I was hoping to take advantage of our sub-zero temperature for something akin to this, but all our recent fluff got in the way.

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