Crystal shapes

Frost crystals grow in different shapes, depending in part on the temperature. On one morning, I found the snowflake-like hexagonal plates you see in one of these images. All of the leaves around this one were covered with them. On another morning, I found rod-like frost crystals. When you get close enough, you can see that the rods are pipes of ice, hollow inside. Click an image to see it in a larger size:

This sort of image – frost on leaves scattered in the ground – is the sort of thing I take in late fall. In early January when I took these, the ground was still bare, and the leaf litter was still visible. Hard to imagine that now, with three or four feet of snow on the ground.

6 thoughts on “Crystal shapes

    • I gave up on winter closeups and went to a greenhouse on Sunday for flowers. Ahhh, There are nice things out there, but you have to wade through all of that white stuff to get to them. Come, spring.

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