Moth and goldenrod

A tiny moth that perched nicely for me in a fresh bloom of goldenrod:



2 thoughts on “Moth and goldenrod

  1. Tom, really nice image. I love these super shallow depth of field shots that still have a nicely sharp subject. Great colors with the yellow and little bits of dark green. How long do you typically work a subject before moving on to the next one? I’ve found I can get so absorbed in a subject I almost lose track of time. I’ve had folks walking one way on the trail say hello to me, and then laugh when returning the other way that I’m still in the same spot. 🙂

    • Thanks, Todd. How long on a subject? That depends – with a static subject, I’ll work on it for some time, trying different angles, framing, and aperture.
      In this patch of goldenrod, I worked with several insects over the course of 30 minutes. The moth only stayed in place for a moment before moving on –
      I took two frames.

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