Kiln Brook

Kiln Brook is a stream that runs though a stand of beech woods not far from me:

We’ve had a few days of mild weather, but a foot of snow may fall in a few days…

5 thoughts on “Kiln Brook

  1. I really like “the shape of water? in this photo. The two directions and meeting in the near middle
    really works. The sharp and the blurred are nice contrasts.

  2. Next to the foliage you New Englanders have, I think I might envy your rocks and rills the most. This is lovely. When I first saw water portrayed in this way, I was uncertain; it seemed a little too soft to me. But I haven’t seen any for a while, and this really delighted me when I opened it.

    • Long exposures of water are a matter of taste – this was three seconds. I’ve read some photographers prescribe exposures of 1/25 or shorter for flowing water, so there is more detail. I had one exposure at around 1 second I liked, but I preferred this longer one.

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