The fourth cascade

I’ve just come back from a trip to California, including a hike down the Cataract Trail on the west side of Mt Tamalpais. It had just rained, and the flow of water was glorious:

There’s seemingly another cascade at each turn of the trail. This isn’t really the fourth one, but it is the fourth one I photographed.


6 thoughts on “The fourth cascade

  1. I used to hike Mt. Tam when I lived in the Bay Area. It’s a beautiful place generally, but this cataract is extraordinary. I never saw such a sight when I was there — perhaps things were more droughty than I remember — but I’m glad to see it now. It’s a beautiful photo.

    • The Cataract Trail is on the west flanks of Mt Tam, not near the summit. The trail starts at Rock Springs,goes to a clearing called Laurel Dell, and goes down a steep ravine to Alpine lake. There are all sorts of large and small waterfalls along the ravine, it’s super after a rain, nice at lower flows as well. Thanks!

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