From a lovely wildflower area, the same place where I found the columbines in the last post:


It’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen lupine – their tall stems stand out from the other flowers in a glorious way.

8 thoughts on “Lupine

  1. Sometimes, the tumblers click, and the door to understanding swings open again. When I saw this photo, I thought, “That looks just like the mysterious plant I saw in Kansas and Missouri.” I’ve since found that plant to be blue wild indigo, which is in the pea family.

    That caused me to wonder: could the lupines (like our bluebonnet, or Lupinus texensis) also be in the pea family? Indeed they are. So — your lovely flower is both new to me and familiar, thanks to that family resemblance.

    • Lupine, the black locust tree, wild indigo (Baptistia tinctoria), and the many vetches are all in the pea family. Pretty diverse. But lupine is probably the most beautiful…

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