A big plant that has small clusters of bell-shaped flowers:

3 thoughts on “Comfrey

  1. I’ve heard about comfrey for years from a friend who’s a knowledgeable herbalist and who occasionally drinks comfrey tea. I had no idea the flower’s so beautiful; I’ve only seen the dried leaves (or whatever she uses). People are divided on its use because of possible side effect like liver damage, but at 86, my friend doesn’t think she’s going to worry about that.

    I can’t imagine there would be any side effects to contemplating your photo, apart from good ones. The color and shape of the flower are pleasing, and the way you’ve grouped them is very attractive.

    • The amazing thing about comfrey is the size of the plant. A plant is four or five feet high, and the leaves are big as well. Each flower is less than an inch. I’m glad you like the grouping, it took while to find this angle on the cluster.

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