Drop abstract

A row of drops on a leaf, but the light and the high magnification I used created an unusual look:

I have no idea why the row of drops alternate between bright and dark. The band in the large bright drop looks like a planet (Jupiter?).


15 thoughts on “Drop abstract

  1. You see a planet, while I see the large, bright drop as negative space. It allows for the illusion of the smaller, dark drop being in a cave, looking out through the entrance into the brighter world beyond.

  2. Lovely, Tom!

    I agree with shoreacres. My first impression was of negative space – either looking into a lighted tunnel/corridor or looking out from a cave. Very dreamy and surreal.

    • Thanks, Tracy! I was after a dreamy, abstracted look. There’s an interesting Gestalt reversal with this image – you can see the bright area as subject or as negative space. Wonderful hearing from you.

      • What is also amazing about this image is it’s fluidity and sense of movement. It has serenity yet also, a sense of energy – but not an erratic energy, more like the calm, rhythmic energy of ocean waves. Really magical! You were in the “zone” with this one!

        I may not comment often, but I do always enjoy seeing your work !

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