The fifth cascade

Another cascade from the Cataract Trail near Mt Tamalpais in California:

As I went down shady canyon, there were lots of opportunities in nice light,  but the sun got too bright for photography after a while. And the end, I found this spot that still had enough soft light for an image. Then I had to trudge (wheeze) back up the steep trail.

3 thoughts on “The fifth cascade

  1. The contrast between the smoothed water and the sharp-edged rocks is pleasing. One of these days I’ll find some flowing water to experiment with — something beyond the bubblers in the local retention ponds.

  2. I’m always attracted to the interplay of rocks and water in a waterfall scene – in this one, all the curling flows as well.
    Conversion to black and white give you lots of choices for the amount of detail to show in the water, interesting to experiment with. I have to travel to find interesting waterfalls, my immediate area is pretty flat.

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