Geranium petal

The edge of a geranium petal:

The colors are robust (no added saturation), a nice contrast with recent the more subdued lily pads. If you have a moment, stop by my new Print galleries page and tell me what you think. It’s a selection of new and old images, flowers, landscapes, wildlife, and so on.


7 thoughts on “Geranium petal

  1. This is a wonderfully yin-and-yangish image. Which is the petal? the dark portion on the right, or the lighter portion on the left? Or both? It reminds me of the Rubin’s vase illusion, where eye and mind make multiple, even instantaneous switches between two ways of seeing.

  2. Thanks! It’s all petal, petal edge as subject, petal color in the background. Drop spaces is favorite project, I may add to it there are other images in that set I can put up.

  3. The rich purple is delicious! I quite like the gallery. I’ve been trying to create a website here at WP and so far, it is a resounding failure. Your gallery seems to navigate far better than what I’ve been able to create. I’m endeavoring to make a page where you can buy directly with PayPal, and so far it is so clunky I’m about to abandon the whole project.

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