Arrangement: wild cucumbers

An arrangement of wild cucumbers:

It’s a still life of sorts, but not on a table top: I did it outside, in natural light, where I found the plant. I picked the cucumbers, laid them on wild cucumber leaves on top of a big broad-leafed plant that was growing near the vines. I might make a series of arrangements like this one, if I can find the right material.


7 thoughts on “Arrangement: wild cucumbers

    • The flower is attached to the bottom of a cucumber, I turned it around. Glad you like it! The spines are soft, not hard like cactus spines. I’ve seen jimsonweed flowers, but I don’t remember finding the prickly fruit.

  1. This is a great photo! The white balance is perfect, and as @shoreacres mentioned, the flower adds a nice touch, as does the bed of leaves! I didn’t know wild cucumbers looked like prickly watermelons. You learn something new every day…

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