Egrets and heron

On a visit to Rodeo Beach in the Marin headlands, I passed over the bridge when a flock of egrets and herons were feeding in the lagoon. As many as a dozen were there at once. There were Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, and Great Blue Heron. This image has Snowy Egrets and one Great Blue Heron:

The fog was thick that morning, and there wasn’t much wind, so the water was good for reflections. And the water relatively clear – something I rarely see in Massachusetts.

10 thoughts on “Egrets and heron

  1. I was so surprised by your comment that you rarely see clear water in Massachusetts. I’m always grumping about the muddy water here, and tend to be envious of people with nice, clear rivers and streams — which I would have imagined you have. In any event, this is a wonderful photo. Still waters may or may not run deep, but they make wonderful mirrors.

  2. One year we enjoyed an explosion of egrets and herons both. There are lots of wetlands and small lakes in lake county, so everywhere you looked you’d see several of these beautiful birds wading about. This lovely photo brings back that memory.

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