Three arrangements

Three arrangements of things I found in the woods:

This is a continuation of the natural still life project I started with the image of wild cucumbers a few weeks ago.
The first arrangement is a pile of Jewelweed flowers.
The second arrangement is of porcelain berry, a garden ornamental that has escaped and become somewhat invasive in the wild. The berry colors are beautiful, nonetheless.
The third arrangement is pokeweed berries.

Arranging things is a departure for me – I’ve preferred to make images of things where I find them. But that limits me with some subjects. For example, Jewelweed is hard to isolate, and it trembles in the breeze. Picking a handful of them (of the thousands in bloom) created new visual possibilities I couldn’t get any other way. I’ll only do this with the commonest of flowers and fruit.

6 thoughts on “Three arrangements

  1. After trying (and trying) to photograph flowers trembling in the breeze, I appreciate your solution. And I agree that the visual effect of massed ‘whatevers’ is especially pleasing. We don’t have jewelweed, but it intrigues me that it so closely resembles our penstemon or agalenis. All of those little spots contribute to the effect, as well as the shape of the flower itself.

    I enjoyed seeing that pokeberry. I’ve been looking for pokeberry through the summer and fall, and haven’t found a bit. It may be too late now, but if it ever stops raining, I’ll go look again.

  2. It’s not so much the trembling, but the single flowers are less interesting visually than groups. Jewelweed flowers are single pendant flowers, so it’s hard to get a group. Jewelweed is in the Impatiens genus.
    Pokeberry is easy for me to find – in fact, I’ve got some in my butterfly garden that I should dig up. Its leaves were the background for my photo.

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