Aster curls

New England Asters are beautiful flowers, but they age too quickly – the flower centers change from bright yellow to muddy hues and the petals curl. In this image I used the curling petal patterns of an aging flower in an extreme closeup:

10 thoughts on “Aster curls

  1. Fabulous. I had to check out the information about the flower, because I saw some asters today whose flowers were perhaps a half-inch across, and I was having trouble comprehending how you possibly could have managed this photo from those flowers. It seems the New England aster is a little larger — even an inch, or an inch and a half across. That doesn’t make what you accomplished seem easy, but it’s at least comprehensible!

    The curls themselves look like a cross between butter curls and frosting decorations on a cake. The color certainly is luscious.

    • The flower is an inch across, but this curling petal is much smaller. I used approximately 4x magnification with a special lens, and prayed for the breeze to stop. Thanks for the kind words!

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