Frost on a leaf

After a mild fall, colder weather has started to arrive in my area. This was taken on a recent frosty morning:


12 thoughts on “Frost on a leaf

    • Thanks, Steve. Just stopped by Facebook to see what was ailing you (WNV) – hope you’re better!
      BTW, do my new posts show in Facebook? The WordPress cross-posting method changed, I’m not sure if you get notification of new WordPress posts as you did in the past.

      • It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of your posts on Facebook. It’s a bit confusing how we see posts there. I guess there is some sort of logic to it but most of us who use it have no idea how things happen.
        I am improving almost daily. I was hospitalized on 10/6 for a week and only now am feeling somewhat like my old self. I lost 15# and my doctor said I could have found a better way, but he thinks I am at a good weight now. I hope to be out with the microspikes soon.

      • A week in the hospital! How awful – glad you are on the mend. Not a pleasant way to lose weight.
        I was afraid that Facebook didn’t give notifications. I had to set up a separate page on Facebook for image posts, but I guess Facebook doesn’t let you know that images are posted there.

  1. The contrast between the bits of frost on the leaf and the shards edging it is delightful. It’s interesting how the nature of the frost changes as it moves up the stem. The clarity of the shards reminds me of a really good icicle. I haven’t eaten an icicle in a long, long time.

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