Icy cascade

A winter view of a small cascade in a brook:

I’ve photographed this cascade many times, but it’s always different – this time it was adorned with ice. This is a four-minute exposure. I’ve been experimenting with longer exposures with neutral density filters.

5 thoughts on “Icy cascade

    • Four minutes of exposure time does a lot of smoothing, but not that much more than a 20 or 30 second exposure. Next I’d like to try a long exposure at the ocean, where the varying water movement can create interesting effects.

  1. I’d say “Impossibly beautiful,” but clearly it’s quite possible: you did it. I’m generally not enthusiastic about smoothed water, but the contrast with the ice makes the image appealing.

    I was quite taken with the rock on the left. I see a person’s head, looking away from us, toward the water. Actually, I see his head, a hand raised to his face, and the water cascading over his right shoulder, dissolving the line between landscape and observer.

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