Drop on a blade of grass

An extreme closeup of a rain drop on a grass blade:

I used high magnification (3x to 4x) and a wide aperture, f/2.8, for minimal depth of field and an abstract look.


9 thoughts on “Drop on a blade of grass

    • What looks like a suture is the plane of focus as it crosses the parallel lines (veins) on the grass blade. I like a wide aperture at this magnification for the way it singles out a few details and melts and transforms the rest.

  1. I’ve looked at this a few times, trying to identify what makes it seem so unusual to me. I saw the same suture-like effect as Steve did (and appreciated the explanation), but I finally decided it was the color that was the eye-catcher. “Blade of grass” and this marvelous sort-of-blue green don’t usually go together. It’s as though the droplet diluted the color: it’s quite water-colorish.

    • Photographs are supposed to capture the world “as it is”, but I’m fascinated by how a photograph can transform familiar things into something else. I’m thinking of the effect of wide aperture, but colors can be different in different light as well.

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