Little Bluestem

Here’s a spikelet of the grass Little Bluestem:

It’s complex and curious when you get close to it. As read about how to describe this pretty thing, I found some of the special terms for the floral parts of grasses. The slender spike on the top is the awn. With more time with the botanical diagrams I’ll be able to tell a lemma from a glume. A USDA plant guide I read says that if you want to harvest the seed of little bluestem you need to “debeard” it (remove the tufts).


5 thoughts on “Little Bluestem

    • One seed head was enough of a challenge! It looked pretty in my viewfinder, then I saw the issues as I looked more closely.
      Stopping down to f/8 or f/11 wasn’t sufficient and messed up the background. With the lens I used, diffraction effects are a problem at this magnification using apertures greater than f/11.
      Stacking several images at f/4 was the key to getting enough depth of field and a decent background.

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