Ice patterns

A small section of an icy brook:


The ice on the surface of the brook formed, melted somewhat during the day, and froze again at night. The second freeze created the fine crystals.

10 thoughts on “Ice patterns

  1. After I read that a longer process formed this, I could see places where smooth curves of ice showed signs of melting. Those fine, hair-like crystals are extraordinary. Looking at the almost-horizontal set in the middle, I can see grasses or reeds along a pond edge.

    • Thanks, Linda. I found this patch at the end of my walk, after seeing a lot of uninteresting patches of ice – it was a joy to find these crossing patterns and fine hair-like crystals.

    • The section is a couple of inches across. The hairlike crystals are something I’m used to seeing when stream ice refreezes with temps around 15deg F. There’s flowing water underneath the open areas.

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