Ghost of a leaf

An oak leaf in ice, but for some reason, most of the leaf has fallen away from the ice, leaving a sharp outline:

I’ve left this in color, so you can see the few bits of leaf, such as the tip on the upper left.

7 thoughts on “Ghost of a leaf

  1. That’s an excellent image of a natural oddity. I’m glad you left it in color. Your title does the photograph justice, and it also serves as a reminder that down here in Warmland we don’t stand a ghost of a chance of getting a picture like that.

  2. What’s interesting about leaves is the variety of ways they can leave their imprint on the world. You have a wonderful one here that I’ve never seen: an “ice shadow,” so to speak. I have an image of a similar leaf that is a different kind of shadow: an imprint left on a wooden step. I presume it was the tannins in the oak that left the imprint. All of those tiny bubbles make me wonder whether it might have been air seeping between the leaf and the ice that allowed the leaf to fall away.

    • How the “ghost” was created is a mystery, and that’s part of what makes it interesting to me. It’s unlikely the leaf outline could remain sharp after a melt that separated the leaf from the ice. Perhaps the bubbles are the explanation.

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