Crystal mountain

Frost crystals on a leaf, found one morning on my recent trip to California:

In a shady spot, the frost was melting as I photographed. The crystals formed on a bump on the leaf.


9 thoughts on “Crystal mountain

    • No bumps on the head, but I’ve been poked by branches, scratched by thorns, and other minor mishaps when I’ve been out in the woods. And despite all the cold I’ve been in, no frostbite!

  1. MP-E65? I never have purchased that lens although have given it much consideration. I think my Laowa 15mm macro might be able to approach this. Nice to see the frost rising off the leaf but a shame you had to travel 3,000 miles to get it. Kidding, of course. California saw some unusual weather this winter.

  2. I just read a couple of reviews of that lens, to get a sense of what you were using, and it was interesting. It’s not a lens I’ll ever purchase, but knowing the specs helped me appreciate the photo more. It’s a lovely image. It looks rather like a little Christmas tree.

    • It’s a challenging lens to use. People do handhold it given enough light, but most of the time you need a tripod given the length of the exposures, and a focus rail to ease positioning the camera. Not a casual piece of equipment! But you can capture unusual images with it.

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