A bunch of bloodroot

More bloodroot images from last week:

I took these on two mornings, starting out under cloudy skies on each day. Then the sun came out, making for challenging lighting, I used a diffuser to reduce the light for some of these.

8 thoughts on “A bunch of bloodroot

  1. I really enjoyed seeing the one “With raindrops.” It looks for all the world as though the leaves are hands, reaching out to offer the flower. Then, I learned that’s sort of a feature with this plant. I also grew curious about its genus, and found this neat article. It’s interesting that the genus has precisely one species: this one.

    • Glad you liked the “raindrop” image. The folded leaves are expressive. The bloom comes up from between the closed leaves, and then the leaves open up just like the flower petals do. I was surprised to read that Bloodroot is in the poppy family (Papaveraceae). Interesting article – I’d forgotten about the “humors”.

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