A trillium from Garden in the Woods:

There are 26 species of trillium at Garden in the Woods – I think I know only 5 or 6. This is Trillium grandiflorum.


8 thoughts on “Trillium

  1. This makes a trifecta of trilliums I’ve seen in people’s posts over the past week. I could say I visited Garden in the Woods three months ago but that would be false; it was eleven.

    • I guessed you were referring to Steve Gingold, who is great with trillium. I stopped by his blog, he posted several handsome trillium images recently.

      • Yes, he’s a tried-and-true trillium guy. The other person who showed a couple of trillium pictures was Robert Parker. I’m sorry not to make it a quartet: trilliums don’t grow down here in Texas.

  2. I began by admiring the photos you and Steve have posted of the trilliums, but I’ve learned a good bit about them, too. One thing I’ve learned since visiting east Texas is that we have two species of trillium here. They’re scarce — even rare — but there are stands of them scattered about — for those who know where to look. Next spring, I may have to go east rather than west.There’s a world in those woods I know almost nothing about.

    You might enjoy seeing some photos of our trillliums.

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