Redbud blooms

Redbud is a glorious flowering tree that covers its leafless branches with small blossoms in spring. This image shows a single bloom on a branch, with other flowers as background color:


13 thoughts on “Redbud blooms

  1. Despite the profusion of wildflowers this year, our redbuds weren’t such prolific bloomers, so it’s nice to see yours. The color always appeals, especially when it shines in a woods and isn’t just decorating a suburban yard. I’m curious about the dark specks on the bloom. I don’t think they’re part of the flower, although I suppose they could be. Bits of bark, perhaps? or insects? They certainly do draw the eye even more quickly to that individual flower, and are more intriguing than distracting.

    The pair of blooms look like a pair of toe shoes.

      • I found a fellow with an electron microscope and a love of redbuds. There might be a clue in his photos. In the fourth photo, the emerging anthers do look like the “thingies” in your photo. They just don’t look like what I expected the anthers to look like — perhaps I’ve only seen them once they’ve fully emerged.

  2. I really like the off-center composition here. Like Linda my eye was drawn to the thingys. When I blew it up, expecting to see bits of bark or something, I found it does appear they are the anthers. Huh. I’m going outside to look at mine, now.

  3. I like your composition Tom! I have tried to photograph the redbud blooms in my yard and never seem to come away with something I am very happy with. Well done.

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