Lupine are just starting to bloom – these two spikes were the first two flowering in a local meadow:

I liked the way the stems curved toward each other. Another lovely flower in the pea family. Lupine means wolf-like, but the explanations I’ve read for the association are oddly fanciful, one was that the plant could “drain, or ‘wolf’, the soil of its nutrients.”

22 thoughts on “Lupine

    • Yes, I thought that was an odd thing to say of a legume. Thanks, Melissa – I’m looking forward to printing this one. No one has noticed the tiny spider yet..

  1. I love this family of plants. Of course we have our bluebonnets, but I’ve found white, purple, and yellow “cousins” to this plant that show the same wonderful qualities: not only in the flowers and buds, but even in the leaves. To find a pair so nicely arranged must have thrilled you, especially with each stem at a slightly different stage of development.

    • Yes, I absolutely was thrilled to see this pair arranged so, I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I saw them. The hard part was waiting for a passing cloud for softer light – directional light wouldn’t have worked. This stand of lupines also has white and pink blooms.

    • When I saw this pair, I knew it would be the best image of the day. The trick was waiting for a passing cloud – bright light made an unappealing background.

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