June flowers

A bunch of selective focus images of flowers from the last few weeks: starflower, yarrow, and birdfoot violet:

13 thoughts on “June flowers

  1. If I had to select a selective-focus picture from these three, I’d pick the edge-on view of the starflower. The birdfoot violet image strikes me as less selective-focus than the other two.

      • Ponkapoag is an adventure. You walk out into the middle of the big bog on planks floating on the moss, with water on each side of uncertain depth (yikes!). The last time I was there was to look for Hessel’s Hairstreak, and I found one.

      • Nice! We have a couple of bogs like that. I love to bounce and watch the tamaracks go up and down! 😀

  2. The violet’s lovely, and your ability to capture the starflower as you did makes it especially appealing. But I do like that photograph of the yarrow. Looking at it’s rather like standing above a floral river, watching it turn into a frothy waterfall. It reminds me of Steve G’s recent photo of water spreading out into the bottom of the frame, except your “spread” is going the other direction. It would be fun to see the focus reversed, so that the sharper flowers are at the top and the indistinct floral froth at the bottom.

    • The yarrow was the most fun to take. That patch is fading now, so I’ll have to wait next year to try the composition you mention. Thanks for the kind words! And I’ll have to see what Steve G is up to…

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