Milkweed beetles

Two milkweed beetles – you know what they’re up to.

I’ve seen lots of beautiful flowers this season, but I haven’t had many good insect encounters until this. And in the same milkweed patch, I found a two large jumping spiders…

9 thoughts on “Milkweed beetles

  1. Sometimes I can be a little slow. I was wondering why this pair didn’t look like our milkweed bugs, and then I figured it out: you have a pair of beetles here. Same colors, but different family. I’m always fascinated by the details of insects. Here, it’s the segmented antennae, and the texture of the wing covers. They look like hammered copper.

    • Thanks – yes milkweed bugs are a different insect. I see them later in the season, when the seed pods open. I see milkweed beetles more often, you know they’re around because they eat the milkweed leaves in a recognizable pattern.

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