The seed head of a garden scabiosa (pincushion flower):

The repeating pattern caught my eye. The globular spent flower cluster is about a half inch across. This was at 2x or 3x magnification.

6 thoughts on “Scabiosa

  1. I’d never heard of scabiosa; the seed heads are as beautiful as the flowers. They remind me of our spider lily. Do they turn brown, eventually? I suppose so, but that green is gorgeous. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen precisely that shade in nature.

    In some ways, your photo reminds me of a sea creature — maybe a kind of minimalist sea urchin.

    • The flower Is urchin-like as well, with the needle-like anthers and pistil. They do go brown eventually. I’ve photographed the flower many times, but I hadn’t noticed how interesting the seed head is until now.

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