A closeup of a single Deptford pink:

A high-magnification image, stacked for more detail at the flower center. The intertwined pistils were what caught my eye. I tried some views that were even closer, but it was hard to capture the spiky details at higher magnifications.

14 thoughts on “Pink

  1. The color is sumptuous, and those fuzzy little pistils are delightful. I do like the way you’ve emphasized them against the softer petals. What I’m most curious about are those round, white spots on the petals. The two on the left petal seem to have something pink and threadlike protruding from them. Any clue?

  2. This made me smile because I used to love finding Deptford pinks in the fields back east (even if they are considered invasive). I have seen them a few times outside of Seattle, too. Terrific photo!

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