Aster seeds

The meadows in my area are starting to go brown. There are numbers of asters flowering – white and blue asters (Symphyotrichum species), and New England Aster (same genus). These are seeds and floss of a tall aster or other composite that bloomed earlier in the season. As walk through the meadow, they look like bright cotton balls. As you get closer, you see the mass of fine floss and the seeds:

A fall leaf provided the background color.

14 thoughts on “Aster seeds

  1. Your ability to capture the fine details of the seed is marvelous. But I noticed something else. I can’t tell you how, precisely, but the photo made me aware for the first time that milkweed silk and the filaments of this aster are different. I suppose someone’s gotten out the microscope and documented differences among fluffs, but this is the first time such a thought has occurred to me, thanks to your photo.

    • The scale of these filaments is different than milkweed, they are much smaller. And they bunch together in a bright cluster as I mentioned. I found this seed somewhat isolated, so I could get a good view of the seed. Thanks for the kind words!

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