Yellow globe

The flower head of a composite, similar to a Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia), but with a yellow head. The rays (petals) had dropped:

From a planted wildflower meadow – earlier in the season, this meadow was packed with a dozen different types of Rudbeckia. Now that fall has come, there are white asters blooming, crowded with feeding bees, Painted Ladies, Cabbage Whites, and Clouded Sulphurs. The Rudbeckia are mostly long past, with a few remnants, including this flower.

12 thoughts on “Yellow globe

  1. We often speak of our sun as a star (which it is) and yet it’s rare to see so many stars in a sun-like cluster. It’s a wonderful photo.

    I had been wondering for days why those nicely focused stars in the center seemed so familiar, and now I know. I walked into the kitchen this morning, picked up a hand towel, and when I went to put it in its accustomed place, I saw your stars. The towel holder, made from some sort of flexible material you can poke a corner of the towel into, looks exactly like one of the stars in your photo. Some creative person saw nature, and turned it into a more practical form of art.

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