Bronze copper

Bronze copper is an uncommon to rare butterfly, local to a few places in my area:


It’s the very end of the butterfly season here in the northeast – I saw three Bronze Copper in this spot, all on the same white aster, almost the last asters in bloom there.

10 thoughts on “Bronze copper

    • I’m a member of a Massachusetts butterfly group, and I’ve learned where you can find them from the reports from the group. Finding them on this late a date (yesterday, 10/20) was pretty exciting. They were the only butterflies I saw – not even a Cabbage White or a Clouded Sulphur.

  1. I was so taken with this little thing I looked it up before reading your text, and sure enough, I found comments like this: “A very scarce and almost assuredly truly rare MA butterfly.” It’s wonderful that you’ve found them — it’s as pretty as any butterfly I’ve seen. The white asters complement it well; the photo’s a delight.

    I remembered some photos I have of a pretty little (still unidentified) butterfly on white asters. I went into my files to see when they were taken, and discovered they were from Galveston Island on December 1 of last year. By that time, I suspect most of your white might be snow.

    • I’m cautious about calling a butterfly “rare”, so I looked it up first. With Bronze copper, you have to know where to look, and I’m lucky that the spot to look is close by, in the Sudbury river area. There are several places to look along the river and probably others in Massachusetts. That doesn’t make it rare, really. Early Hairstreak is found in just one place in Massachusetts, Mt Greylock. That’s rare! Bronze copper is a pretty thing, though! Thanks for the kind words.

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