Half Dome

I just returned from Yosemite – here’s a late afternoon view of Half Dome reflected in the Merced River:

It’s a breathtakingly beautiful place. I’ll have to visit there again (in better light than this) to capture it better.

8 thoughts on “Half Dome

  1. As odd as it seems to me, I can’t remember seeing any photos of Half-Dome in color. Of course they exist, but it may be that the images on the sites I’ve visited were influenced by Ansel Adams’s famous views: hence, the black and white.

    This is beautiful. I’m thrilled that you were able to visit, and it’s great to see the famous rock in a larger context. The river and its fringe of trees makes it feel more accessible, and the reflection’s the perfect touch.

    • Thanks! I stopped at Tunnel view, the spot in a famous Adams photograph, which makes Yosemite look large, expansive. But to the eye, it looks more narrow, you are surrounded by granite cliffs.

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