New England Aster

I was fortunate to get soft late afternoon light on this New England Aster:

The light made the anthers glow like candles. I look forward to seeing the purple of these asters each fall.

7 thoughts on “New England Aster

  1. I do too, and it seemed pretty brief this year. Luckily you captured it! I like the balance of yellow to purple here~very nice. And the curve vs. the straight rays.

  2. There are many lovely combinations of purple and gold here in autumn, but to have both colors in such a singularly pretty flower is especially nice. I like the candle metaphor, although the selective focus led me to expand it a bit, to “candles in the wind” — perhaps because there’s been so much publicity about the Elton John tour.

    • As it happens, the candle metaphor isn’t mine, it came up when I showed this image to some other photographers in an open discussion. I like the metaphor, it suits the bright points and shape of the anthers. And the out-of-focus petals seem in motion, even though the air was still. Thanks!

  3. We have aster wildflowers, white and purple. When they bloom in early summer, they hang around for about 2-3 weeks, sometimes longer with the right amount of rain or lawn watering.

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