The seed heads of white asters are pretty when they first appear, tiny and fuzzy. I hadn’t noticed until a recent rain that they can close when wet, like some flowers do at the end of the day. As the seeds disperse, they change again:

These probably aren’t the same species, though the single and wet asters may be. Click an image to view a larger size.

7 thoughts on “Asters

  1. After seeing your abstraction first, it was fun to come back to this post and see such different views of the plants. “Wet fluff” sounds like a contradiction in terms, but that photo shows it’s possible, and the result is so lovely. Have you studied the various fluffs enough that you can identify some of them when they just float by, unattached to anything but wind currents? There are so many that spread their seeds that way; for decades I only knew about milkweed.

    • No, I can’t identify them as they float by, I wish! I took this in the same meadow as the willow herb image. It’s been a joy to explore all the different kinds of fluff there.

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