Ice design

A combination of frozen bubbles and ice crystals on the surface of a stream:

After a few weeks of mild weather, it got cold enough for ice to form on stream surfaces. It took a few nights of night temperatures around 12 deg F to produce this. The open dark space had water flowing under it.

19 thoughts on “Ice design

  1. I’ve dallied just a little with my comment, so I didn’t influence others’ view of this. It’s a beautiful abstraction, and the combination of bubbles and shards is great, but the first thing I saw was the form of a fetus, there at the bottom. It really was rather startling: not only that I saw it, but that even with some concentration I couldn’t unsee it. It’s a remarkable photo. If it were mine, I’d sure enough title it “A Conception of Winter.” I know — quirky. Maybe even weird. But it’s a great photo.

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