Frozen drops on a mullein leaf, they reminded me of tree ornaments:


An image from a while back that I didn’t post. Happy holidays!

11 thoughts on “Ornaments

    • Actually, when I was responding to your and Linda’s replies this morning, I noticed a link to old draft posts. I saw the title to this one, opened it, and saw the subject was perfect for today. I remember the series I took, likely I posted something I liked better with another title.

      • For some reason every once in a while we decide something isn’t working at the moment and sometime later see it as more useful than at that previous time. It was good you had this in your drafts as it did work well today.

  1. The drops appear to me to be floating, like little satellites. I really like the star-like, thready bits covering the background, too. I suppose they’re probably part of the fuzzy covering on the mullein leaf, but it’s nice to be able to see past the drops and dew to see them, as well.

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