A walk in the woods

The New England landscape has scattered remains of glaciers long ago, boulders and rocky outcrops that the glaciers exposed and left behind. In winter, mosses add bright green color to rocky surfaces and logs. And here and there, there are remnants of flowers. A few closeups from a recent walk in the woods:

These are all winter images, but they could have been from late fall, there was little snow visible. Today, it was 72 degrees – hard to believe it’s January.

18 thoughts on “A walk in the woods

  1. 72! Wow…we’re having a mild winter as well but at the moment there is a skim of ice/snow on the ground making things exciting. It is supposed to get above freezing today so I’m hoping I can get the dogs out for a walk. These lovely images really cheered me today. I especially liked the acorn caps resting on a bed of moss.

    • The temperature was a record for this area in January, I think it was 10 degrees higher than the previous record. I went looking for Mourning Cloaks and Eastern Commas, but I didn’t have any luck.
      The acorn cap picture was stacked, a combination of six images at f/11. I like inclined angles, and combining images is the one of the few ways to get enough depth of field for all the mossy details at this angle. Happy you liked it…

  2. The last few days have been a bonus although an unseasonable one. Regarding Steve’s question, there is an acorn weevil but I am not sure if that’s the tiny creature he’s thinking of.

    • Bonus? I like sunny weather, but I miss winter. I was hoping for a midwinter Mourning Cloak yesterday, but I didn’t find one.
      Steve may have been thinking of tiny insects such as the thrips I photographed on bachelor’s buttons last summer.

      • Well, as an ice photographer I do miss the cold but am fairly confident, maybe foolishly, that it’ll come back. As long as it’s an isolated incident I will accept it as a January thaw despite the lack of a prolonged deep freeze. It looks like, after the next few days, winter is making a return this weekend.

      • Of course we’ll get cold weather eventually, we’ve just been having a prolonged mild spell. In recent years some of the coldest weather has been in January and February- bring it on.

      • Here we are looking at 1° Friday night so ice is on tap for Saturday morning. I’ll be sure my batteries are fully charged for my heated gloves. So far they’ve done the job but I haven’t worn them in anything below 25°. This’ll be a test.

      • The local prediction Is 16 degrees Thursday night and 6 degrees Friday, then 27 Saturday night.
        I wear two layers of gloves, that has worked for me.

      • I have Raynaud’s Disease so just gloves, even with liners, is never enough and after a while even heating pads in the palms start to fail me. I think eventually these gloves will help but will probably still need liners and heating pads to help in extreme cold for prolonged periods. I’ve had to stop shooting after a while and once the fingertips start to thaw out they feel like they are being crushed in a vise. I even spent @$300 on the gloves Charles Glatzer was selling on his website and they failed me as well.

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