In the mangroves

A sight from the Indigo Trail at Ding Darling Refuge:


When I go back to Sanibel (someday!) I want to spend more time in the mangrove swamps – the wonderful roots in water, the tree crabs, and other creatures. I’m not sure what trees and vines are in this tangle of growth.

17 thoughts on “In the mangroves

  1. Lovely photo. I agree, this swamp is well worth returning to. Did you spot the snakes dangling from roots, there? They are hard to spot as the boat moves along, looking exactly like the roots they are among. (Not in your photo, I mean there at the swamp.)

      • Oh, yeah! Those cute little crabs 🙂 Someone in the boat claimed there were the sea cows, too, but I’m evidently too short to see them. They never broke the surface.

  2. So many colors and textures, in such an apparently simple landscape — or root-and-trunkscape, perhaps. I especially like the wrinkled bark that looks like an elephants foot, and the bits of yellow (leaf) that serve as an initial focal point.

  3. I absolutely love the character of these twisted roots. I’ve only been to Ding Darling once, mostly for birds. Obviously I missed out not laying closer attention to the mangroves like you have. Nice work.

    • Thanks, Mark! Can’t wait to go back and explore this place for landscapes and intimate scenes – and for birds, as well, though I’d need to rent a long lens. 400mm isn’t enough…

  4. I love this image, Tom. I just happened to stop by your blog again today after an absence…I went to DIng Darling once too, like Mark above, and was also mainly looking at birds. But I remember being fascinated by mangrove roots at a restaurant in town, and in other places.

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