Witch Hazel

Always among the first blooms, it seems a little early to see these flowering:

They remind me of tiny ribbons. My memory is that witch hazel blooms in early March, but it’s been an uncommonly mild winter so far.

15 thoughts on “Witch Hazel

  1. I remember that witch hazel comes in a couple of varieties, but I thought it meant one bloomed in December and one in January/February. I’m surprised you have one that usually blooms in March.

  2. The only thing I know for certain is that this isn’t forsythia. Beyond that, I can’t help out a bit with identification, since it took me two years to figure out that the dodder that starts coming out this time of year isn’t witch hazel. I’m almost certain I haven’t seen it, although at least one species does grow in east Texas.

    Until the weather clears up and I can get caught up at work, I can’t go anywhere. We’ve had day after day after week of fog and rain, which makes this an even more cheerful sight. I like the way the ribbon-like strands uncurl from the buds.

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