Ice geometry

Three views of geometric ice patterns:

It’s amazing how the patterns, rhythm, and density changes in different sections. Each section is a few inches across.

7 thoughts on “Ice geometry

  1. I see cells, platelets, and bacilli — probably due to work with TB patients in the past, and too much current reading about COVID-19. Sometimes the view through a macro lens and the view through a microscope can be remarkably similar.

      • I’ve been following the virus partly because two of my customers set off in January on a two month cruise — from San Francisco to Singapore. They finally got home yesterday, after a very interesting month. Their ship wasn’t allowed to dock in a number of ports, and it had to be resupplied by a fuel barge and another vessel with food supplies. I haven’t talked to them directly, but I heard they flew home commercial from Singapore; they definitely weren’t on either of the ships that have been in the news because of ill passengers.

      • The virus has been disruptive to a number of cruise trips. For most of us here, it’s a remote concern, but in the Far East, I can only imagine what the epidemic is doing to people’s lives.

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