Adonis vernalis

Two views of an early spring non-native flower, one of the center, another an abstract of the petals:

I saw this buttercup relative today at Acton Arborteum, thanks to two volunteers doing a plant survey for a tagging project who told me where to look for it. There were only a couple small patches in bloom, some of them already gone by. It’s small and low to the ground. I hope it spreads, a group of them would make a great image. A much more interesting sight than the snowdrops that were also blooming.


8 thoughts on “Adonis vernalis

  1. I’m entirely too impressed with myself. I looked at the first photo and thought, “That looks like a buttercup.” It’s a beautiful, mellow yellow that has that touch of green that’s sometimes present perfectly captured. I have trouble photographing yellow, and especially the buttercups or oxalis, but this is really nice.

    • That’s what I thought when I found it, and I wasn’t surprised when I found it was in the buttercup family. The reds in yellow flowers tend to oversaturate/overexpose, even in indirect light. Using a favorable white balance helps.

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